AWS Case Study : Fender

Using Technology to Teach Musicians: How Fender Delivers Educational Apps using AWS Serverless

Fender offers nine digital applications that teach musicians young and old, new and experienced, everything from how to tune their instruments to how to play their favorite songs. They built all of their applications using the AWS Serverless Platform from the ground up.

“We looked at everything that bothered us around infrastructures we had run in the past…We don’t want our product teams constrained by how many users they can take in a product, so we always build the capabilities for scaling from the get-go,” says Ethan Kaplan, GM at Fender.

“It started with making the decision to be 100% cloud-based and 100% using API Gateway…That’s helped us keep the velocity high and keep shipping product. The more you ship the more you’re actually responding to the needs of your customers.”

Before using AWS, fender had their own data center where they built there infrastructure and manage it on their own. They had monitor over the incoming request day-night, to scale it up manually by themselves whenever their was increase in traffic and scale it down when it traffic decreases. There product team was more concerned about how many customers it can take rather than developing product itself.

So after sometime, they decided to fully migrate to cloud.

They used AWS Lambda to go serverless. By using AWS Lambda, they become free from monitoring the traffic and spinning up machine/server every time. Their team had more time developing product than maintaining the infrastructure.

Using AWS services, they also got logs(feedback/logs/error logs) which also helped them improve their application.

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